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A demanding job in a global corporation, top-of-the-range salary, expensive cars, yachting holidays: At the end of his thirties, Frank’s life looked perfect. Yet loneliness and depression were hidden behind the perfect facade of the successful manager. After being diagnosed with “burn-out”, Frank pulled the emergency brake, handed in his notice, gave up his flat in Germany and spent six months in Australia. This sabbatical helped him to find new meaning in his life and a healthy work-life balance. This book tells the story of his journey back to himself.

With admirable honesty, the author describes how he became a workaholic and how his sabbatical was his last chance to break the vicious circle. This account breaks the silence surrounding the taboo of “manager burn-out” – and encourages other people to live a different kind of life.

The book also contains a detailed reference section containing addresses, links, further reading and information on the sabbatical costs.

Reading copies and further information

"Emergency Stop. Burnout: A Manager Takes Time-out" (German title: "Notstopp - Ein Manager mit Burn-out steigt aus") by Frank Krause was first published in July 2010 by Books on Demand GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany. The book currently enjoys wide media coverage in Germany. Translation licences are available upon request.

If you want to get in touch with us in terms of licensing, please send an email to: frank.krause@notstopp.de

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